We make sure we get it right, on the first try.

We created a structured and efficient method to handle projects.

your input at every step of the process

The way we work

Every project must follow 4 simple steps:

Analysis. This is where we take your input and find out what you really need.

Concept. The actual design, either graphic or technical, of the project.

Production. We make it happen. This can be divided in various sub-steps suited to your project.

Control. A rigourous series of tests to make sure the end product is of the optimal quality.

And what about you?

You will be involved in every possible way, in particular through:

Nothing is left to chance.

Le projet est développé avec vous.

Iterative design

We use iterative design in order to solve a major problem with design in general: having a designer working hard on his own, then showing his solution to the client and arguing about any request for changes. Ultimately, it ends up with both a frustrated designer AND client.

That's where iterative design comes into play. Multiple sketches are proposed in successive design waves, moving the design toward an optimal final solution.

Exemple schématisé d'itération pour un design Web

Here's how the process goes:

1 The client reviews each version and comments it, after which the designer proceeds to the next version based on the client's input.

2 The designer uses his experience to guide the client and avoid pitfalls, and proposes new approaches to solve arising issues.

These two steps go on until a satisfying result is obtained.

Iterative design is a great way to create a UI. While it does require a higher initial investment, it can also be applied to application design to achieve superior results. The strategy is then to alternate design and testing phases. Guesswork is eliminated and, in the end, ROI goes up.

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