Ever had trouble finding the "checkout" button?

A bad interface is frustrating for the user. It might cause him to leave your Web site
or stop using your product.

What is an interface?

The interface of a site or an application is defined by the set of components (buttons, typography or layout) allowing the interaction between the user and the medium.

This ergonomic aspect of the conception is call “usability”. Usability is the keystone in the relation between a user and a computer application. It is the single most important aspect of design: making sure a particular task can be completed successfully and painlessly by the user. Unfortunately, usability is often neglected or even completely ignored in many computer-related projects' design.

The pros of a well-made UI

For every project, we apply the sum of our knowledge to creating a UI based on 2 principles:

1 The interface must be simple and easy to use;

2 The interface must be efficient. It must allow the user to complete his task as fast and as effortlessly as possible.

A great user interface guarantees optimal goal achievement: better conversion and greater sales, customer loyalty, simplified business processes, increased use of your product or service, improved productivity, and much more.

We just love UI

We have created numerous applications and web sites over the years. We're not just developers, we're also users and as such are constantly analyzing what defines a great product. This has enabled us to develop a keen eye for everything UI related, and we apply this knowledge and passion to every project we work on.

What project can benefit of UI expertise?

Vos projets Any project relying on interactions between a user and a system can benefit from an interface and efficiency analysis to ensure the user can accomplish his various tasks in the most efficient way. It can be applied to Web sites, Web apps, mobile apps, softwares, or basically any program running on a computer.

Let the UI consultant be the designer

Although we can help you with consulting work for your interfaces, our strength lies with our abilities as a design firm and UI experts. So have your analysis, design and programming done by a team that can master it all.

What's next?

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