You like work well done? You'll like us.

Greetings! Rikochet was founded in 2003. We are located in Montreal.

Our approach

Quite simply, we enjoy:

  • working on interesting projects;
  • being proud of the end-product;
  • giving our clients what they need;
  • working in a motivating and relaxed atmosphere.

Our clients

We work mainly with corporations of various sizes. If you like what you read on the services pages, then we're here for you! Contact us and we'll gladly evaluate your project.

Q & A

I'm in a rush, do you work at night? And week-ends?

Caffeine overdose at night seldom leads to great results. We prefer to take the time to deliver a final product that respects our quality standards (which are pretty high). If you are in a rush, maybe you should ask yourself if it's really worth it.

My project needs a larger team…

Agile and efficientSome people are fooled into thinking that a large provider can allocate more people on their project. A large service firm will usually take more mandates, and allocate a small team to each one. We've often seen evidence that smaller teams are more agile and efficient than larger ones, which tend to lose momentum in meetings and coordination.

So what do you have to offer?

Superior end-product quality. Great value. Happier development team (which leads to higher-quality products).

What's next?

You have a serious project: you need a skillful team to realize it. Just contact us.

Meet the team The way we work