Web sites and graphic services

Our specialty: corporate graphic design that works

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Web development

We focus on two important communication axes while designing Web sites:

  • the information side, in which clarity is key;
  • goal achievements (yours).

With that in mind, we plan all our Web projects using these proven steps, in this order:

  • analysis;
  • architecture (web tree and content design);
  • sketches;
  • design;
  • production;
  • quality control.

Everything is adapted to your project, while we make sure our know-how gets applied on top, everytime. Oh, and we do communicate with you, the client, throughout the process.

Other graphic services

Our canvas is a screen. Our paint is pixel-based. Our services are:

  • diagrams and icons;
  • user-interface for apps/software, TV and mobile devices;
  • adaptation of corporate ID for screen and Web;
  • motion design and presentation templates;
  • flash animation and vector graphics.

To sum it up: anything that lives on a computer screen. Or a TV screen. Or a tablet. Or... well, you get the point. A visit to our portfolio will bring up some nice examples of hi-caliber, no-nonsense work.

You + us = great website

You have the marketing team?
Then we shall bring technical and graphical know-how.

We will integrate our team seamlessly with your marketing team to bring in the graphic design expertise that you need. You can count on us to guide you through the ever changing Web universe. Our team keeps up with the latest buzz on the Web, while keeping our feet firmly on the ground. It allows us to support you with:

  • Copywriting and how to write for the Web;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO);
  • New medias;
  • Usability;
  • How to reach customers and great Web UX.

Procedures — just enough of them

Over the years, we have developped our own proven work processes. These procedures are an essential asset that allows us to deliver the highest quality Web site to our customers. This is especially important for sites tailor-made to suit the clients' specifications.

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